Good lighting
in health care

We provide the best state of-the-art lighting which will increase work efficiency of medical staff and create an atmosphere conducive to patient recovery.


Lighting dedicated to health care facilities

Complete & simple offer

Healthcare facilities means many different areas of application. This results in complex lighting projects that determine the use of dedicated, precisely selected products and technologies. We guarantee a comprehensive lighting package from the car park and the building’s illumination to the corridor in the operating room. One supplier means only advantages – offer compatibility, best price, simplification of guarantee and maintenance mechanisms.

Good conditions for patients and staff

The interior climate and atmosphere depends on many factors. One of the most important is lighting, which can literally “transform” a room. The colour of the light and the size of the stream allows you to create an atmosphere of cosiness or austerity. It is the light that shapes the interior and affects our well-being.

Patients tend to choose a health care facility which will provide them with the best care. We provide the best state-of-the-art lighting which will increase work efficiency of medical staff and create an atmosphere conducive to patient recovery.


Intelligent light management

The technology offered by us and our partners ensures the creation in each room or building of a fully automated, intelligent lighting system depending on the personalized needs. From the simplest technologies based on motion and presence sensors (RCR, PIR), to DALI control modules, dimmable DIMMs, to advanced technologies such as TUNABLE WHITE or Actilume.

Reliability and economy

In the healthcare sector costs are really important. With LED technology, lighting solutions can help you find the savings you need. Very high efficiency, maintenance-free operation and long life and reliability. Resulting from energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions, low operating and maintenance costs and state-of-the-art technology and branded componen

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Support for doctors
and medical staff

Modern technologies support and increase the quality of health care. This is because their development contributes to the growing expectations of specialists and the demand for the better quality of medical equipment, as well as infrastructure, where lighting plays a substantial role. And this is not just about diagnostic imaging that requires an appropriate level of lighting – which cannot be dazzling and must accurately reproduce colours. Work specificity of doctors and medical staff requires them to work for many hours and at night. Irregular working hours, particularly night shifts, interfere with the natural circadian rhythm and cause sleep disturbances. According to the recommendations of medical communities, the type of lighting should be as close as possible to natural light, so that it matches the human circadian rhythm. This maximally supports concentration, when it is the most desired.
  • Priorities

    Responsibility for patients and taking care of their safety is of the utmost importance

  • Biorhythm

    Adequate lighting helps regulate biorhythms disturbed e.g. by working at night shifts

  • On call

    The duty staff should always be “on call”, errors should be avoided at all costs as they can have serious consequences.

  • Comfort

    Higher soft light intensities increase staff activity and alertness

LED lighting is better!

LED technology provides modern and very economical solutions. This is not only related to several times lower consumption of energy but also to the life span of this kind of luminaires.

Financial savings

The several times smaller electricity consumption is a guarantee of lower energy bills.

Performance and quality

A guarantee of excellent quality lighting and luminous flux that will use only a fraction of electric energy.

Durability, long life span

LED long life span means no costs of maintenance and replacing light sources.

State-of-the-art design

Well-matched lighting will give new and old objects a finishing touch. It is a future investment.

Ecology and environment

Less frequent replacement of luminaires significantly reduces the accumulation of electro waste. LED lighting reduces CO2 consumption.

Lighting control

DALI, Tunable White, ActiLume. A control system that will help you adjust the lighting to your needs.

Light scenes

Attractive lighting effects will create the right atmosphere.

Lighting comfort

LED luminaires provide pleasant, soft and friendly lighting without the so-called “glare” effect.

Additional lighting control functions available as options on selected products.

Measurable savings

In the healthcare sector costs are important.

With LED technology, lighting solutions can help you find the savings you need.

Why to choose LED technology:

  • very high efficiency
  • maintenance-free operation
  • long life and reliability

Resulting from:

  • energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions
  • low operating and maintenance costs
  • using state-of-the-art technology and branded components

Hospitals and health care facilities capable to treat hundreds of patients have high energy requirements associated with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, medical equipment service and finally – lighting. The needs of patients and staff must be met around the clock. This means that older buildings, particularly their systems and supply technologies, do not comply with today’s standards anymore. The result is high energy consumption, generating excessive and unnecessary costs. Lighting has a significant impact on the overall energy balance. The “inclusion” of savings begins with the implementation of innovative lighting technologies.

Modern light sources reduce energy consumption, providing light of the highest quality. Control and dimming options, presence detectors and daylight control systems significantly facilitate achieving this goal. Light scenes precisely tailored to the needs of patients, staff or guests help consume the energy in a precise way. Innovative LED solutions are particularly recommended in clinics and health care facilities. They are many times more efficient and durable than standard lighting.

Maximum percentage saving thanks to LED80%

Lighting design dedicated for
health care facilities

Engineers working in our design office will prepare a project that meets all standards and guarantees comfort of use. The client receives free-of-charge consultancy and project documentation, which guarantee high quality. The comprehensive design often includes a lighting control system, ensuring the greatest possible energy savings during use.
  • Planning

    Lighting design begins at the stage of spatial planning – along with the planning of the distribution of beds, workstations, monitors and medical equipment.

  • Integration

    Lighting is an integral component of the room. “Light on demand” is the watchword of modern lighting solutions.

  • Automation

    “Light on demand” is the watchword of modern lighting solutions. Lighting should be adaptable to specific visual tasks, and control with the use of sensors should improve its functionality.

  • Visualisation

    We not only support you in choosing the right lighting concept and products, but we can also make visualisations and free-of-charge lighting designs using specialised computer software.

  • Compliance with standard

    Our lighting design ensures 100% compliance with the lighting standard PN-EN 12464-1

Discover dedicated products

Choose the application for which we have adjusted the lighting.



The attitude of patients plays a very important role in the process of medical treatment. A positive attitude, willingness to fight the disease, as well as a sense of security are elements that can substantially reduce the time needed for recovery.

Dedicated luminaires:


A tasteful, surface-mounted luminaire offering high aesthetic values.


Economical 600 x 600 luminaire with high lighting parameters. Designed for surface mounting and mounting in modular ceilings.


A luminaire emitting comfortable and effective indirect light. Designed for mounting in modular ceilings.


Efficient, surface or flush-mounted light panel providing excellent soft and comfortable light.

Proper lighting can significantly affect patients’ well-being. Properly matched colour and intensity of light will ensure a pleasant atmosphere and a feeling of being in a safe and cosy place.

Such a friendly environment has also a positive impact on the efficiency and working comfort of medical staff.

Modern control systems integrated with the lighting allow patients to control the colour, direction and intensity of light and adjust their parameters to individual needs. Simple and intuitive operation means that each patient is able to control the lighting on their own.

Operating and treatment rooms

Operating and treatment rooms

Support for team’s perfect visual adaptation by choosing the best lighting solution with 2000 lx illuminance. There is no place for half measures. Operating and treatment rooms must be evenly illuminated while maintaining high levels of illumination.

Dedicated luminaires:


Surface-mounted, flush-mounted luminaire IP65. Toughened glass, CRI(Ra) >90 (on request)


Surface-mounted, flush-mounted luminaire IP65. Toughened glass, CRI(Ra) >90 (on request)


Surface-mounted, flush-mounted luminaire IP65. Competitive price-quality ratio.


Flush-mounted downlight IP65. Excellent lighting parameters and life span

In such cases it is recommended to use lighting solutions integrated with the DALI system. As a result, the power and height of the light beam can be adjusted to the actual needs. CRI (Ra) is an index that determines the degree of colour rendering. The higher its value, the more natural the colours. Ra> 90 provides comfort for the eyes and a greater ability to recognise colours and their shades. Luminaires with such a high index are used wherever you need the highest accuracy in colour reproduction. In operational conditions, this is an extremely important parameter that allows, for example, to distinguish blood colour.

Minimally invasive surgeries are now often performed with green light lasers that require low levels of illumination. Strongly dimmed light also makes it easier to assess the contrasts on monitors and ideally coacts with specialised shadowless lights.

A surgeon’s eyes must constantly adapt to different levels of light, and this causes fatigue. Lighting concepts offering variable colour temperatures consistent with the characteristics of daylight improve concentration and well-being.

Corridors and communication areas

Corridors and communication areas

Well-designed lighting is a prerequisite for providing intuitive communication in buildings. Adequate luminance levels are required in common areas to provide users with proper orientation and comfort of movement.

Dedicated luminaires:


Ceiling- or wall-mounted, multi-purpose, energy-efficient batten.


Bulkhead luminaires offering the possibility of expansion with a Wi-Fi amplifier, BT speaker, control system, etc.


A complete solution for creating diverse, flush-mounted lighting lines.


Surface-mounted, flush-mounted panel 600×600. Ideal for modular assemblies.


Surface-mounted downlight with an interesting design and satisfying parameters.


Flush-mounted downlight offering great parameters and a good price-quality ratio.

Hospitals, retirement homes or nursing homes are naturally visited by patients with impaired vision. Elderly people are prone to the so-called glare effect, which in some circumstances may have negative consequences. The glow reduces dexterity in seeing people and objects, and can lead to disorientation. This constitutes a strong argument for using high-quality lighting solutions.

According to accepted standards, the required minimum illuminance in corridors and staircases is about 300 lux, with particular emphasis on light uniformity. Such uniformity makes potential dangerous places more visible. This helps elderly or sick people move along shaded or dark areas.

Our offer also includes certified emergency and evacuation lighting, which is necessary to maintain safety and meets the required fire protection standards.

Reception, representative

Reception areas and representative rooms

Make a good impression and unleash positive thinking, thus minimising the anxiety and tension associated with the disease.

Dedicated luminaires:


Flush-mounted panel 600×600 with an unconventional, original diffuser design.


A representative, suspended luminaire offered in 3 sizes. A version emitting light around its peripheries is also available.


Suspended or surface-mounted luminaires distinguished by an elegant design and pleasant lighting.


Suspended or surface-mounted accent luminaire, providing powerful spotlight.


A lighting system which can be expanded with advanced control systems (DALI, Tunable White, ActiLume). Version with indirect light distribution available.

Reception areas and representative rooms are showcase areas of each health care facility. They are often characterised by a larger surface area than other rooms and have a representative nature. Most of all, such areas must be functional – as it is the reception area where patients and guests usually direct their first steps to. Often there are a large number of people awaiting admission. Luminaires designed for this space, in addition to excellent lighting parameters supporting the comfort of work, should bring in a positive and calming atmosphere. Large, eye-catching accent luminaires – giving focused spotlight will work great here.


Utility and sanitary rooms

In utility and technical rooms such as bathrooms, kitchen rooms or server rooms, it is very important to use practical solutions that save energy.

Dedicated luminaires:


Ceiling- or wall-mounted, multi-purpose, energy-efficient batten.


Efficient, surface or flush-mounted light panel providing excellent soft and comfortable light.


Surface mounted bulkhead luminaire IP65 expandable with additional functionalities.


Light and functional batten IP66. Very quick assembly, great parameters, 4.5 cm wide.

It is very important to make use of practical solutions that save energy. Durable lamps, resistant to harsh conditions such as increased humidity, larger amounts of dust or increased ambient temperature will work here well. Due to the periodic nature of their use, the best lighting solution here will be luminaires equipped with motion sensors or presence detectors.

Such solutions enable the light to be automatically turned on and off depending on room occupancy. This way, electric energy will be consumed only in justified cases. When designing this type of rooms, it is also worth paying attention to luminaires offering quick and easy assembly options.


External lighting

Health care facilities consist of many rooms and workplaces intended for various purposes and requiring different types of lighting. However, the area of a hospital or a clinic starts... at the parking lot!

Dedicated luminaires:


A family of various accent lamps for illuminating building facades, green spaces and other architecturally significant elements.


A minimalist, designer lamp with universal use for lighting alleys, squares, pavements and parking lots.


Road and car park luminaire offering excellent lighting parameters.


Modern, robust floodlight offering versatile possibilities of use.

So, in order that the day does not start with a nervous search for a place to park your car safely, without the anxious feeling that the next 10 minutes spent on going around the building may result in being late for a surgery or a doctor’s appointment, and so that drivers who are often nervous about a sudden illness attack and hurry for help, did not cause collisions – it is worth thinking about the parking lot and design it so that it is not a source of stress.

Architecture plays the roles of an ambassador. Impressions exerted on patients and visitors are also shaped by building the first impression. Light emphasises architecture with well-chosen, modern and aesthetic luminaires. With proper lighting the object can obtain a new look.

We are responsible for the highest
quality of lighting

It is worth choosing products supplied by renowned manufacturers, who employ highly-skilled engineering staff with the long-time experience in designing lighting systems and have laboratories with equipment that enables the constant quality control. Thanks to the professional R&D facilities, the state-of-the-art laboratory operated by specialists and with the constantly controlled production process, Lena Lighting offers full 5-year warranty for each QUEST PLUS LED fitting it manufactures.

Future is now

Often used interchangeably with the term IoT (Internet of Things). Simply put, it is lighting control via a Bluetooth unit. Uniquely identifiable items can directly or indirectly collect, process or exchange data via an intelligent KNX electrical installation or a computer network. The system enables remote control via mobile devices. The ability to manage larger facilities using an extensive interface working in a PC environment. This solution enables you to control motion, occupancy and dusk sensors. You can also set the colour temperature, RGB colour, manage time scenes in rooms (change the lighting depending on the time of day). In addition, it is possible to connect a smoke detector, a Bluetooth speaker and many other things.

Advanced control systems

Tunable White is a technology which allows user to adjust color temperature and luminous flux of a luminaire or group of them, by imitating natural light which changes color throughout the day. Tunnable White can be also adapted to current needs and performed activities, regardless of time of day. There are two types of diodes in the system. DALI interface allows to set the color and luminous flux by using a touch panel or app. It is also possible to operate it manually or select pre-programmed lighting scenes. Natural light in health care facilities provides a sense of freedom and supports patient’s subsequent recovery and health. In hospitals and health care facilities, however, there is often no access to daylight. Therefore, biological rhythms are quickly becoming out of balance, which has a negative impact on well-being. This applies particularly to elderly and ill people, who show the need for greater absorption of light during the day. When it is too low, they may experience insomnia at night.

Basic control sensors

Active microwave sensor invisible from the outside, allowing more efficient use of lighting – it reduces energy consumption and the corresponding costs of energy. It provides intelligent lighting control and allows you to maintain high luminaire tightness (installation inside the luminaire). Using the sensor does not affect the lifespan of the LED GO! panels. The basis for the operation of a dual-beam luminaire (equipped with the so-called corridor function) is the use of a two-circuit track or dimmable ballast in combination with a motion sensor. In both cases the luminaire works, for example, in a 10/100 system. Directional, passive infrared sensor allowing precise control of lighting. Works in a specific area minimising the number of false alarms (excitations). The sensor allows to adjust illuminance (day-night identification), length of working time (switch off delay) and effective range of operation (distance from sensor and detection area).

The listed functions may be available as part of compatible external controllers installed in the lamp. Ask about other available options, we will implement your ideas!

Selected projects and visualizations

We are not afraid of non-standard ideas

Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw

We proposed a non-standard, customised lighting solution, which gave the interior of the hospital corridor a completely new flavour.

Thank you for your trust

References from other implementations:

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We know everything about lamps and lighting systems: we examine their possibilities, design, test and manufacture them. We combine practice with modernity. The company has been listed on the main WSE market in Poland since 2005.

Polish production

We demand systematic progress from ourselves, thanks to which we remain one of the best producers of lighting lamps in the country. We are served by: the knowledge of our experts and the most modern tools and technologies.

Lighting design

We make visualizations and free lighting projects using specialized software. We also prepare analyzes of profitability and energy efficiency of lighting. Trust the professionals – we are.

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